Flying Under the Radar at Seattle Beer Week

Anyone interested in Seattle Beer Week knows about the big events: Sour Fest, Back in Black Stout Fest, the big beer dinners and the opening and closing night celebrations. Even though I plan to go to some of those, I’m just as excited about a lot of the smaller events. Here’s a list of events (one per day) flying under the radar that are well worth your time:
5/13: I’ll be hitting all three stops of the big Kickoff bash, but if you don’t like crowds and drunken revelry you may want to check out Seattle’s Newest Brewers Nite at the Park Pub. Good stuff from Fremont and Odin will be on tap.

5/14: The Ave Rat Malt Liquor Release and Back in Black Stout Fest are musts, but I’m also looking forward to the Heavy Metal Beer Bash at Galway Arms. I’ll be really surprised if I see any beer douches at that event.

5/15: Way too many things to choose from on Saturday. I think I’ll be starting my day at Naked City’s Over The Mountains We Go, a showcase for Eastern Washington beers that we rarely get the chance to drink here.

5/16: Sunday’s another day of too many choices. One thing I plan on making it to is Allagash Night With Rob Tod at The Whiskey Bar. Rob is one of the nicest guys in the industry and he makes great beer. It’s also a chance to visit The Whiskey, which is underappreciated by Seattle beer geeks.

5/17: This one isn’t under the radar at all, but how can I not go to the Old Wooly Vertical at Big Time? I did a similarly-themed Old Sol vertical here last year and it was one of the highlights of the week.

5/18: Portland has a bunch of good breweries and Upright is up there with the best of them. The Dray will be hosting Upright for a night of limited edition draft selections.

5/19: Firkin-Firkin at Elysian is the draw of the day, but you can’t miss the IPA-A-Palooza & Frito Pie Cook Off at Duck Island. Bonus: Baker and Younts from the Seattle Beer Collective will be judging the Frito Pie contest.

5/20: Today is all about Sour Fest, but if you want to drink some good stuff and deal with a much more manageable crowd, I’d suggest the Cask Festival at Latona Pub.

5/21: Somehow I let Geoff Kaiser of Seattle Beer News talk me into playing in the Brewers 9 Ball Tournament at the Tap House Grill. I can shoot some pool, but haven’t played much 9 ball lately. I hope I don’t make an ass of myself.

5/22: I’m not sure I’ll have anything left in the tank by Day 10, but I think I’ll be able to drag my carcass over to Big Time’s IPA Fest and down a few pints. Over the years, Big Time has made some of the best IPAs in town and they’re gonna have a mess of ’em on tap at once.

3 Responses to “Flying Under the Radar at Seattle Beer Week”

  1. Nice round up. I didn’t know about the Upright night at The Dray! And it’s on one of my nights off and it’s close to home and I like Upright Brewing and — oh. Sorry. I’m just getting overexcited.

  2. slipkid Says:

    Okay, so Beer Week is on. Where’s the post about yesterday? Don’t get behind. don’t stop. Go Go Go!

  3. Brace yourself and have lots of fun!

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