Seattle Beer Week: Day 1

This isn’t gonzo. It’s not even very entertaining or informative. But I’ve fallen behind and need to get something up here.

  • My Seattle Beer Week got off to a rocky start. I found myself intestinally-challenged and arrived almost 90 minutes late to the Opening Night Kickoff at Hale’s.
  • Beer highlight of the day was the delicious DAB Dortmunder (I had several) at Prost at the end of the day. I also had beers at Hale’s (SBW Double IPA), Shultzy’s (Snoqualmie Kolsch), Naked City (Fleur d’Elise Saison) and more beers on the Hale’s bus.  And then there was that citrus/spice infused whiskey at Prost. Probably didn’t need that.
  • Armed with an archaic recording device, I captured sound bites from the evening. The highlight: “I wanna grease that guy up and see what he’s made of.”  There were also Michael Jackson (The King of Pop not the Beer Hunter) jokes and a brief interview with a vagabond knife sharpener outside Shultzy’s.
  • In the picture above, two Seattle Beer Collective members declare Link the official dog of Seattle Beer Week. This happened at the end of the night at Prost, so I’m not sure how official it really was.

2 Responses to “Seattle Beer Week: Day 1”

  1. slipkid Says:

    Dude, Link IS the official beer dog of Seattle Beer Week!

  2. That was one of the most fun days I’ve had in quite a while. Thanks for nominating Link. Now he has VIP credentials and I don’t. Little asshole…

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